Remember when you were 18 years old? Ah, to have that body again, right? Over time, it seems that things have caught up to you. Little by little, you bought a bigger pant size and then a bigger pant size until… well, you ended up here. Feeling fat. You look in the mirror. Who is that person? You see a photo of yourself. Ugh. Lately you’ve just been avoiding pictures altogether. Shopping for new jeans… don’t even go there! Can you relate?

So where is the old you? Think about it. Did your bones get bigger? Did your organs grow? Why don’t you fit in the chair like you used to? Remember when you could sit comfortably with your legs up in the seat?

The old you is still there. It is. Your bones, your frame, is the exact same size that it used to be. Think about it. Kinda disturbing, huh? That same frame that you had when you were 18 is now carrying around all this extra weight. That can’t be good.

Since we only see the surface of our bodies, not the inside, we tend to┬áthink of them like balloons. The skin expanded, the body grew. It’s like someone blew up a balloon. Only that’s not what happened. We aren’t filled with air. Deep under your tissue, under your layers of fat, somewhere deep inside, is your original bone structure.

Let’s find it again.

It’s not totally your fault. You have just been eating, living, treating your body the way you always did, even when you were a thinner, younger version of yourself. But somehow, it just happened.

Let’s fix that.

Register now for my group: Created Un-fat.

Together we can do this! Let’s get back the original packaging and be like new again. Group starts May 7. Get the details here.