Hi there! I’m Kelly Case… counselor, health coach, and Jesus follower!

I have a master’s degree in counseling from Wright State University and am a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC) in Ohio and certified health coach (CHC) as well as a FASTer Way to Fat Loss Certified Coach. I have a passion to see people live in the light of their God-given potential by BEING WELL and THRIVING in all areas of life – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I believe that you were CREATED TO BE WELL, not sick and not fat! Following God’s plan for your body, you can glorify Him by living the life that you were called to live.

I know from personal experience that going from sick to WELL is not easy. It takes a lot of education, willpower, prayer, and dedication. I know this because I was bed-ridden at the age of 32 due to food allergies, autoimmunity, and stress and with God’s guidance brought myself to fully functioning without medication or medical intervention. I know what it takes, but I also know how hard it is. I’m on a mission to come alongside others, like you, so you can experience the quality of life that I have found. I want to use my experience, training, and compassion to take you on a journey to better health.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to pay forward the knowledge and tools that were shared with me. I am in my 40’s and feeling better than ever before. You have a lot of life left. Why not feel good while you live it? Why not enjoy it to the fullest? I can help you address not only your nutrition and fitness but also your mindset and the psychological obstacles that are holding you back from being healthier.

Some of the tools I use:

  • Daily accountability and weekly live training through a Facebook group community
  • Suggested meal plans
  • Recipes
  • Coaching to overcome psychological barriers to success
  • Daily workout videos to increase your strength, accelerate fat loss, & build lean muscle
  • Access to nutritionists and personal trainers through my FASTer Way network



My journey from bedridden to thriving is in the video below.

Filmed January 2017.


September 2015 was a bleak month as I learned that I had an autoimmune disorder. After research and a desire to reach out to a traditional doctor or specialist for autoimmune disease, Kelly stepped in at just the right time. She helped me realize there is a natural and holistic approach to curing autoimmune disease.  Her knowledge about autoimmune disease puts traditional doctors to shame – she has studied the broad and detailed aspects of autoimmune disease, leaky gut syndrome, and much more and she advises with wisdom and resolve to help bring healing. Kelly’s determination to show me that “food is medicine and medicine is food” completely changed the way I view autoimmune disease and any forms of illness. She resolved to teach me how foods react with the body in a positive or negative manner and that while the road to healing is hard, it will always trump the traditional alternative of steroids which has long-term, negative affects – so much more harmful than what traditional doctors understand. Finally, because of Kelly’s leadership, assertion, and teaching into my life during a very difficult season battling an autoimmune disease, I gained confidence to go back to school and pursue a nursing degree. While I appreciate so much of the traditional approach to medicine and healing, there is a great need for medical professionals to understand healing from a holistic perspective, a conviction which desires to heal the entire person, not just the symptoms. I look forward to using the knowledge and understanding from Kelly as I aim to make a difference in the lives of future patients, family, and friends. If you have any sort of health issues, Kelly is equipped to lead you toward healing. Dealing with illness is emotionally taxing and Kelly is able to reveal areas of discouragement during lifestyle changes and, in turn, encourage toward a mentality of lifelong healing. Bottom line, Kelly knows so much about how the body works and it would do anyone a wealth of good to speak with Kelly and gain from her comforting and healing wisdom.


Dayton, OH

I have known Kelly for years. When she found out I was battling MS and other medical issues she offered to help . I met with her a couple of times and she came up with a plan for me. She went over different issues I would deal with. My biggest issue I wanted to deal with was improving my MS symptoms and dealing with IBS and throwing up on a daily basis. I followed a strict eating plan for six months . After the six months I had know more issues with IBS and I know longer threw up on a daily basis. After six months I started eating what I desired again and so far I have had know issues with IBS and throwing up . If I dealt with these issues again I would follow that eating plan again. I trust Kelly to support me when I need advice with an eating plan.


Vandalia, OH