We’ve been taught that there is a great evil in the world. An evil that will destroy your sexy figure and give you a heart attack. Products have been created for decades to help us avoid this evil. We are convinced that we are doing well if we decrease the presence of this evil in our bodies. What if I told that you’ve been duped?

What is this great evil we’ve been told about? The calorie. Calories…we hear about them all the time. We are supposed to eat less and burn more. While this may be true, the myth is that the calorie is the greatest evil. The calorie is not the greatest evil. We are so busy avoiding it that we forget to look at what else we’re being fed. That may be a low calorie drink but what is it high in? Low calories, high chemicals. Doesn’t sound like a good idea.

So, what is a calorie? A calorie is a unit of energy. Our bodies need energy in order to survive. However, too many calories can cause health complications (as can too few calories). The problem is that so many of the delicious and convenient foods we enjoy contain a lot of calories. So, what’s the answer? Big business have decided that the answer is not a diet change but a change in the ingredients of our favorite foods. For instance, they have modified sugar to create sucralose (also known as Splenda) in order to strip it of calories. Sucralose is sugar which has been chemically modified in such a way that it gives us no calories. Sounds good, right? We can still have the same taste but without the calories.

Wait! There’s a problem! Our bodies were not created to consume man-made chemicals. Our bodies don’t know what these chemicals are. They are unrecognized. Our bodies were, however, created with a process for fighting off foreign invaders like chemicals. Our bodies fervently protect us. Our bodies produce something called “antibodies” to fight against foreign invaders. Then, the antibodies are recorded in memory. They record what shape and size the foreign invader was so it can quickly recognize it the next time it enters and get a head start at defending us. What if the new chemical we’ve created is very similar in size and shape to something in our thyroid tissue? Then what? Well, then the next time we eat sucralose, our body says “Fight, soldiers, fight!” Uh oh…problem! Now our body is fighting our own tissue, our own thyroid. This is called autoimmunity. A condition that close to 20% of Americans suffer from and the numbers are rising at alarming rates!

Autoimmunity causes all kinds of problems including the possibility of serious weight gain as well as the potential of death. I’m talking about things like diabetes, lupus, celiac disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and thyroidism. We are too busy looking for calories and missing the truly great evil which is chemicals and genetically modified food substances.

You’ve been duped. You’re missing the forest for the trees. Read the ingredients not just the advertising. Low calorie? Ok. But, what’s in it? Calories can be burned, chemicals cannot. Chemicals cause changes in your physical makeup that aren’t reversible. Calories cause changes that are reversible. Want lower calories? Eat foods that are naturally low in calories rather than foods that are modified to be lower.

I would love to hear about the hidden ingredients you’ve discovered to be dangerous. Please share below!