Health is a journey. It’s a process. Most of us want it and aim for it, but not everyone achieves it. Being well is an ideal. It’s a goal. Health is a journey.

My journey has had many twists and turns. If you’ve listened to my story, you already know the beginning of the tale.

So, how am I now? Better than ever!

After healing my body of POTS, multiple food allergies, and adrenal fatigue, I found myself having energy, looking good, and ready to take on the world! That lasted a few years until I found myself unexpectedly gaining weight. In fact, immediately after turning 38 years old, I put on 17 lbs within 6 months. Wait. What is happening? I am healthier than ever. I eat fairly healthy—although I was eating too much sugar, chocolate (my nemesis!) in particular! I manage my stress. I sleep 8 hours per night. I drink water all day long. What’s missing? Why am I gaining so much weight?

Well, besides the fact that I like sugar more than it likes me, truth is I’m getting older. My metabolism is slowing down. And although I have never been very athletic and never exercised regularly in my life, I had always been thin. Not anymore. I had a belly. I had back fat. I had cellulite (yikes!). Add that to my stretch marks, and I was feeling low on confidence.

Not wanting to be unhealthy and not wanting to keep gaining, I knew what I needed to do. I needed an exercise routine. I needed to rev up my metabolism. And I needed to cut down on the sugar. So, I made rules for myself about how much sugar I could eat each day. I made a list of YouTube workout videos. I tried my best to stick to my plan, but I wasn’t doing so great, and I was still gaining (a few more pounds). I was frustrated because I was tired of doing the same workout videos. I didn’t really love them to start with. And I needed some accountability to stick with my plan.

Some friends told me about The FASTer Way to Fat Loss. I decided to give it a try. I signed up with a certified coach and learned the program. 15 months later, here I am. I’ve not only lost 10 lbs and gained significant muscle tone but also became a certified coach myself. I was already a certified health coach, but now I am also certified through The FASTer Way to Fat Loss so I can offer their program to my clients.

As I look back on 2020, I cannot believe that I have stuck with the same program for over a year and that I have no desire to stop doing it. I love the daily workout videos. They are MUCH better than the stuff I found on YouTube, and they’re new every single day. The workout videos use certain types of exercise paired with certain ways of eating that maximize fat loss and lean muscle development. I especially love the accountability and community that keeps me on track. Above all, I love being a coach and helping other people learn this sustainable and effective lifestyle.

Since I didn’t have a significant amount of weight to lose, I opted to do the program at a slower pace. Another great thing about it—flexibility! Because of this, my results have been slower than they could have been. But, I’d rather slowly go in the right direction than burn myself out, pushing too hard. Slow, steady progress in the right direction with minimal effort is the name of the game for me! I love waking up each day, knowing that I’m more toned and healthier than I was the day before.

See photos for my current before and after pictures. It’s amazing what can happen when science meets effort and accountability.