Well, it took a full year, but COVID finally caught me. All three of us (my husband, son, and I) woke up feeling sick on Tuesday, March 16. I was suspicious right away that it might be COVID because Matt and I both had that COVID-like cough—dry and unproductive but annoying. Matt had a fever and bad headache. I just felt tired.

I’ve never been afraid of COVID. It’s a virus. We’ve always had viruses. This one may be a little harsher than others, but it is a virus nonetheless. I wasn’t afraid because I am 41 years old, eat healthy, work out daily, drink lots of water, and generally take care of myself. If this virus had been around 10 years ago, it would have been a different story—even though I was much younger then.

It took a little over 2 weeks to start feeling normal again, except for my son who felt better after one week. During those 2 weeks I had headaches, incredible body aches that prevented me from getting comfortable in any position, a cough, congestion, and fatigue. The cough and fatigue lasted into the third week. Matt had a fever for a couple days and no body aches but otherwise similar symptoms as mine. We both lost our taste and smell—me for a day, Matt for over a week. My son just had what seemed like a bad head cold, and that was it.

I am so glad that I spent the past 9 years focusing on my health and preparing my body to fight off anything that may come against it. Who knows what viruses we may see in the future? It could get worse. It’s more important than ever that you prepare your body for the biological warfare that it may face. We can no longer ignore our health and trust that we’ll be okay. If the threat of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer weren’t enough, let biological warfare be a lesson to us all. Our health is valuable. Our health is necessary. Our health matters. We can’t rely on vaccines that have potential long-term negative effects and only provide limited, short-term immunity. We have to rely on the God-given methods of taking care of the one and only body that we’ll ever have—things like nutrition, exercise, and water.

If you haven’t already, take time now to do a little self-care. Get your body prepared to fight off any enemy that may come against it. When the next virus comes, you’ll be glad you did.