1. There’s a pizza commercial during every single commercial break of every single TV station.
2. Food is what makes most things fun so without it, a lot of things lose their appeal.
3. How to pronounce “quinoa”.
4. I like brussel sprouts.
5. It’s very easy to live without pop.
6. Coconut oil is great for the skin (and many other things as well).
7. Flax seed has the same reaction as an egg when baked, so it works as a good substitute.
8. My belly is naturally flat.
9. My insomnia had nothing to do with this overactive mind of mine and everything to do with being unhealthy.
10. Stress is my ultimate physical enemy.
11. God created our bodies with an amazing capacity to heal themselves.
12. What healthy poop looks like.
13. Most of the “food” at the grocery isn’t food at all.
14. Rice noodles must be cooked for the exact amount of time on the package directions or else.
15. It’s possible to wake up and have energy without a single drip of coffee.


Photo Credit: Lauren Manning via Compfight cc